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Past News...

March 25-26
Our first gig was great!!! "Psycho Killer" rocked the house!! Viva

April 9
Our gig at the bingo social was a smashing success!! We played a
9-song set that was a hit with everyone there! A tape of the
performance is available for anyone who like to get a copy (send
us an email for more information) Thanks to everyone who made
this gig possible! SSC has begun it's complete takeover of the

May 7
We played at the final 7th/8th grade dance of the year on May 7.
Our six-song set was met with applause from (most) of the
audience, but mostly from our own group of cheerleaders right
below us on the balcony (thanks guys!) We also preceded our set
with a short blues jam at the very beginning of the dance. Thanks
to everyone who made the gig a success, especially Mr. Evenski
(who gave us the gig) and Ben Rothstein, whose roadie
assistance was an immense help. And yes, we DO have a tape of
this performance, as well, so if you are interested in obtaining a
copy, send one of us an e-mail (see bottom of page).

June 19, 1999
We played at our boy Harrison's bar mitzvah. We had a great time,
and got some groovy tee-shirts out of it, too. Our set got both
the kids and the adults dancing - the latter's faves being "Psycho Killer"
and "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Thanks to Harrison for setting the
whole thing up. We can't wait to see the video!!

December 7, 1999
Big News! We have confirmed that we will be shortly recording a 5 to 7
song demo tape! The details are tentative right now, but we will
immediately make the tape available on the website as soon as it is done!
We will most likely have it in both CD and cassette formats, and
it will be all original material. We were also recently contacted by Luxuria Music
(, a new online radio station. If all goes well, a couple
of our songs might be in rotation on the site. or
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